Are Butt Plugs Safe?

The answer is yes and no. How safe a plug is depends on what type of plug and whether or not it is used properly. Here are some safety guidelines that should be taken to ensure you’re usage of a butt plug won’t cause any damage to the anus.

Safety Guidelines

Failure to follow safety guidelines can result in rectum health problems. These problems are easily avoided with the proper precautions. Follow these guidelines to make your butt plug usage goes as smoothly as possible. 

Use Lube

The plug is probably not going to easily go into an anus without a bit of help. Lube makes the toy slippery, so it can be inserted easily and painlessly. Lack of lube creates an increased likelihood of skin ripping inside the anus. You may even bleed from skipping the act of putting on lube. Do yourself a favor and apply lube and enough of it to avoid hurting yourself.

Start small

Always use a small, flexible butt plug as your first. Your rectum won’t be accustomed to anything big or solid. Smaller plugs are less likely to cause any damage to your asshole. Start out small and gradually increase the size. Only try out a bigger size once you are comfortable with the smaller one. Butt plug training kits are a great way to get used to this anal sensation. They are specially made to turn a complete beginner into a skilled user.

Are Butt Plugs Safe: Training Kit Photo

Length of usage 

A butt plug should only be left in for 2-3 hours. However the time it should stay in varies from person to person. For a newbie, it should only be kept in for around 20 minutes. For someone who’s used butt plugs many times, they can keep it in way longer. Some people sleep with one in, but this isn’t a good idea unless you’re taking a short nap. Leaving it in too long can cause rectum problems, so it’s best to take it out after 3 hours.


You can share a butt plug with another person or multiple people. However, this does spread quite a bit of bacteria. In addition, sharing the toy can potentially spread STDs. Use a condom and change it between uses to avoid any of these problems of toy sharing.


Don’t be lazy about cleaning your butt plug. This is definitely one of the toys where cleaning is more important. Every sex toy should be cleaned before and after usage, but this toy especially. Bacteria in the anus can cause sickness if it is not cleaned off. Cleaning before usage is a good way to prevent any harmful bacteria from entering the rectum and causing problems. You’re rectum is more sensitive than any part of your skin, so properly clean the toy before and after every usage. If you don’t know the proper way to clean a sex toy, you can read about that here.


Your best bet for a butt plug material is a soft material. Softer materials, such as silicon, will cause the least risk of damaging the rectum. This material is also easier to clean. Another precaution when selecting a material is to consider a nonporous material. This means that the material has no holes. You wouldn’t want bacteria getting inside the toy would you?

Avoiding a glass plug may also be a good option. Glass but plugs may be made for decoration and not for usage. Even if the glass plug is made for the purpose of usage, there still is a chance it could break. What if you have it in and then someone or something scares you making you jump. Well if you jump up and land on your ass. The plug could shatter. There’s a chance of breakage with a glass plug, so it’s best to avoid it if you can.

Avoid using a butt plug if you have the following health conditions

  • Anal fissures: a butt plug can make this fissure even bigger. You don’t want the tear in your anus to worsen. Wait for an anal fissure to heal completely before you use a butt plug. Otherwise, the fissure will get worse, take longer to heal, and cause pain and even bleeding. The healing process will take anhwhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Consult a doctor if you are unsure whether or not your anal fissure is healed.
  • Hemorrhoids: this condition is going to become more severe if a butt plug is used. Fortunately, hemorrhoids usually only last a few days. If they continue after a few days, check up with a doctor. Normally, hemorrhoids only contain slightly swollen and inflamed veins in the anus. If that’s the case, they will go away soon. However, if the veins are very big, they will take longer to heal and should be checked out by a doctor.
  • Prostate problems: since the prostate is located inside the asshole, a butt plug will make any prostate problem worse. Make sure that everything is going well with your prostate (if you have one), before engaging in butt plug activity-or any anal activity for that matter.

Immediately take out the butt plug if you experience any of the following 

  • Pain: a butt plug should not hurt. Pain indicates anal damage. Do not continue to wear if this is the case. Your anus is too tight for the plug and you need to get a smaller one to avoid pain.
  • Discomfort: a butt plug may feel strange to a first time user, but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable to wear. If it isn’t comfortable, take it out and try it out again another time.
  • Itching: if you feel itchy while wearing this toy, you may have torn tissue in the rectum. This is known as an anal fissure. To prevent this from worsening, take the plug out immediately and don’t use it again until you are sure that your fissure is healed. This will take 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Bleeding: this is a sure-fire warning sign. A butt plug should never cause bleeding. If you experience any type of anal bleeding from a butt plug, do not continue to wear it. Even if you’re into pain and blood and like the feeling, don’t leave it in, it will harm you. You should go to a doctor.
  • Cramps: this is an indicator you’ve been wearing it too long. Since the asshole only has pain receptors within the first inch or two (2.5-5 cm). Cramps are what tells you that this plug is damaging soemthing deeper inside you.

The risks: 

Ignoring the safety regulations of butt plug usage can be very harmful to your rectum. It can cause tears, also called anal fissures, in the asshole. Bleeding may also occur. You may experience pain and cramps. Be sure to follow all the safety guidelines to avoid any of these risks .


As you’ve probably gathering, butt plugs are safe to use as long as they are used properly. Make sure to buy the right type for you and to avoid using if you have any rectum or prostate problems. Don’t forget, you can always take it out. If you’re going to use one, be careful and have fun.